When daylight fades into the night, shade and shadows cast a long hue across the ground and all there is to rock the senses is sound. This is where the night comes with a bound.

The love smitten teenagers kiss and the bark and whine of the hounds break the air. Chasing things that are not there. The cold breeze cuts the air with a freezing bite as storm flies fight and dance under the neon streetlight.

Headlights from cars are just coming on as they zoom past and fade out of sight. The sun has all but disappeared and lost all its heavenly might.

Finally, the darkness closes and its once again night. Only the signs of artificial light fill my line of flight. Kebabs to the left busses to the right follow the path until they are out of sight.

My home beckons as I stumble to the right finally reaching sanctuary from the foreboding night. My key is in the lock and with a lurch I’m in the dock, checking the time, it’s 6 o’clock.

The house is warm and smells of you and all the good times with our children and me and you. But no love fills this room, no more intimate moments in front of the fire lit by the moon.

Make some food then off to bed another night without you I dread. I go to sleep with visions of you running through my head.

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