Green grass and cricket pitches, football goals and rugby posts. Our local park where loads of cars park their occupants enjoying a lark down on the grass amongst the trees covered in bark.

Bordered by trees that change colour in the autumn and throw down their conkers for children to collect and thread on to laces and bash at five paces.

Lakes with swans and ducks and Canadian geese choosing here for their holidays instead of Grease. Children feeding the birds with lettuce, oats and grapes cut into thirds. Onto the next lake with fishermen; dogs running on leads and cages of plants that look like reeds people on bikes and toddlers on trikes circle the lake in take.

Then to the boats so colourful and neat all the children paddling trying for to not let their boats meet.

The playground is full of young and old whether its sunny or braving the cold, climbing and swinging and hanging too, then off to the ice cream van to see what’s new. 99’s and ice lollies, cans of pop and cornets and cornettoes all kinds of sauces red, green and blue. Sprinkles and a flake the ice cream taste was worth the wait.

On to the colourful bouncy slide, leaving our shoes and socks to the side. Up to the top we must climb then bounce down the slope three at a time.

Then it’s time to leave this paradise where everything seems so tranquil and nice. Past the runners of all ages and size some trying to trim fat off their thighs. Now back to the car to drive home alone refreshed from our day at the park in our town.


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