Like Lord Lucan I have disappeared, yes, it’s weird just disappeared in what I was wearing and my bushy beard. All that is left is this poem, a memory of me you can look at it with glee. Now there is I hope left somewhere deep in your heart, and imprinted somewhere in your brain a memory of me as I was.

Lasting memories of time gone by, of times when we cried and sighed, where truth came between density of lies. Memories of life as you remember it. But what you don’t have is me the real me total me the inside the stuff I hide. You only ever saw the things I have out, the times I held you and the times I had to shout.

You know nothing more of me, except, what I let you see, the part of me that I gave away free, the part that I wanted nothing back for me. I left you with the memory of a nice loving me. Read my words, in my poems, I write what’s deep inside, they give an insight, they tell you how I feel, what I believe is not right and for what I choose to fight. So, in the dark days when life gets you down I hope that what I have left is a candle light burning a glow that helps you remember long ago.


© All Rights Reserved Mark Symmonds 2017

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