Green scene of grass and trees, a sight for the eyes to please, Pollen rising making sufferers sneeze, children with green stains on their knees from rolling in the grass and climbing trees. Green utopia swaying in the breeze.

Pink and white intersperse the green of the hedge, flowering berries line the edge, green of the box hedge deterring witches, cut like a ledge. Green of spring and summer too, grows with morning dew. Motors of grass cutters green, levelling the grass to improve the scene, clip back the bushes, blow away the leaves, clearing up with electrical breeze.

Then comes the rain, fine at first then building to a big outburst, satisfying the greenery, quenching its thirst. Water drops hang off the leaves and the stems of grass, like pure beads of glass glistening in the midday sun, light rays forming rainbows having some fun. Damp feel of saturated grass consuming its elixir that overflows, drinking its fill before it goes.

©All Rights Reserved Mark Symmonds 2017


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