Circling around my body, your love is in orbit waiting to be absorbed within it. Then, travelling through space and time through this body of mine, finding my history, and searching the mysteries around my clogged-up highways, occasionally detouring to explore the byways. Through the nerves and up into the brain, cruising your love at breakneck speed, no blockage can impede.

Your love explores my intricate grey matter, spaghetti junction controlling feelings and function. Giving up secrets to your passing craft, pushing on in dense traffic fore and aft, stopping off to check out a laugh, on the way to the highway to my heart.

The autobahn with no speed limit, no highspeed warning alarm as you travel down to my heart, the pumping station in four parts. The final destination, the car park for your love, crashing your craft from the road above. Permanently stuck in this beating car park keeping the engine running providing a spark. No fee to pay, stay there all day and never fly away, through my body traces of you will all ways stay.

© All rights reserved Mark Symmonds 2017

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