Bright lights in the sky, wondering why, strange globes in the night travel at speed at a height. They are not a plane or helicopter, silent glow slows to a potter, then up and down like a yoyo they go, where they are from we don’t know.

They come in peace to explore our planet, landing on sea sand or granite, governments stay tight lipped, not letting the truth slip. Is it a space ship or just a balloon, they are scared that they will spread doom? Scorch marks on the ground, all around, never say what they have found, is it real or a sinister deal? Government project that may become real.

Orbs in the night hanging like a kite, they are not from this planet but then they might. What will they learn about us, do they discern, up in the sky, making sharp turns, disappearing in the blink of an eye. Why do they come here? I wish I knew why, maybe, it’s the government hoping no one will pry, as they engineer a super craft and start to test fly?

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