In the outer depths of space no one can see your face as you race to get back to the place you call home. 

In the glow of tomorrow no one knows where you will go. Can any one hear you scream as you sit facing a dead screen.

Something is pulling you through the air your in space and nothing is there pulled further and further into nowhere. Siting shaking strapped in your chair on your way to somewhere outhere. Craft spinning like a ball running down a bowling hall . 

Planets pass and fade to stars your now past Jupiter and Mars. Hurtling towards the stars. Lost in space we have gone to far. Asteroid burning from afar no one knows just where you are. 

The radio is long since dead just you and your thoughts running through your head. Arms like concrete legs like led. Ground control think you have long been dead. You don’t know what lays ahead. What ever it it is it will never be said . This science discovery will never be read. 

No place to run no laser gun, no fun. Just waiting for death to come. Racing towards the sun. Hotter and hotter the capsule gets, temperature rising  you start to sweat. Close my eyes and think of the moon hoping this nightmare will end soon. 

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