Magnificent Men

Up in the air in two pairs, four men in their flying machines. Crossing their paths with each pass and looping up ever so fast. Barrel rolls and stall terns oh how the kerosene burns.

The crowd clap and watch in ore of these daring four, who swoop up in the air then head to the floor. Hard back on the stick up comes the nose with a flick up to the sky oh so high, you and I would definitely be sick.

The show is all go the moves are so slick very precise and extremely quick. Now comes the smoke to leave a trail from the high speed tail. All this practice would be to no avail if the wind was blowing a gale and heaven forbid the engine might fail.

Low over the crowd they shout and scream at these incredible men in their flying machines who practice so much to fulfil our dreams and smiles on our faces start to beam.

Then comes the final routine on goes the smoke red and green, up in a heart for the world to all see, patterns in the air for you and me. Back to the airfield to their final descent the crowd go wild there is no relent . The final approach flaps down. One by one in they steer it’s good to see those magnificent men who show no fear.

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