When children cry and governments lie why does no one ask why?

Why do we bomb, kill and fight? Why has the world  not seen the light? Why do countries want to show their might and prove to the world their way is right. Yet they don’t really care about our plight and keep on acting out of spite. Claiming we might sleep safely in our beds at night.

The threat of nuclear bombs with which they can’t fight and awestruck pictures from far of lands showing the destruction that’s in their hands. Previous wars to end all wars Yet still come shock and awe.  

Peace is the only way that we will all live out our days. And all religions will give praise. Peace is why our children live and peace is only theirs to give. No colour, no religion and no belief is powerfully enough to be a thief and steal away the world of peace. 

Yet as we write of loving thy foe, bombers are given the word to go. Bringing terror to our screens this war thing must be in our genes. 

Put down your guns and bombs and shells and all the beliefs that cause us hell . Put then away so we might live and love again and forgive for we are all but one. 

Members of the human race regardless of our skin and face. Stop your fighting and meet and embrace and let peace prevail.

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