I can post what I had for my tea, lunch and dinner and if I went for a pee. I can post bitching and boast. I could like, love, wow, be sad or angry, and tell you tails of wow and where I go

I can join a group that may be a hoot or even buy and sell loot. I can post where I am and get loads of spam.

I can tell the world I love my kids even when we are on the skids. I can say I love you or I hate you I can even be mates with you too.

I can choose to accept you as a friend even though your posts drive me round the bend. I can choose to block you and what you send.

We can chat or have a spat, put up pictures and videos of our cute cat. We can post pictures of me and you or even of your baby having a poo. You can even talk to me when I’m in the loo.

I don’t care what you had for your dinner, or whether you are looking any thinner, I don’t care about your cat especially when its wearing your hat.

So please don’t make yourself look a Pratt and don’t tell the burglars where you are at. Please don’t ask me to share if my kids are beautiful or if I really care. Oh and by the way I don’t like your hair.

But ice buckets we all dared and got hacked from who knows where. We print xxxx to hide that we swear.

So be a friend and don’t offend by posting rubbish on my wall especially when you are having a brawl. No guns or images to shock or that magic button I will use it says BLOCK

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