Sticks and stones will break my bones but your names really hurt me. You’re not blind you can see the fear you planted in me right here.

The fun you get from making me cry and wishing I could die. Horrid nasty useless self fighting to save my mental health. 

That sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that roles up and down and really goes to town. Yet you seem to get away with this spite and know I won’t fight.

The teachers say no blame yet your words continue to cut and maim. Oh the bully pain day after day more of the same.

I’m seen as lame as week as very meek yet my strength is never seen on the journey on which I have been. Not lashing out and giving you a clout to frightened of the consequences if I get found out.

In my mind I’ve killed you a thousand times and retaliated with cutting lines but in the day I just don’t know how I can make you go away.

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